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The Flavors

Every flavor by Antica Gelateria del Corso® stems from the great Italian gelato making tradition, combined with mastery, passion and the careful selection of top-quality ingredients. A real art that has developed over the years, that only Antica Gelateria del Corso® is truly able to bring to life with a selection of authentic flavors.

Le Creme

Our gelato making masters carefully choose the most genuine ingredients and turn them into formulas with unique and unforgettable flavor. There is only one secret: the "mantecazione", the process with which gelato is mixed with slow and regular movements to obtain the perfect creaminess.

  • Fiordilatte

    Antica Gelateria del Corso® chooses the best Italian Fresh Cream create a creamy and rich Panna gelato.

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  • Vaniglia del Madagascar

    In the pristine Madagascan forests, it's possible to find a lush yellow flower with a sweet scent: the Vanilla.

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  • Pistacchio di Sicilia

    In the sunny Sicily, grow slender trees with thin branches. At a closer look, you can see they bear delicious fruits: the famous Sicily pistachios.

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  • Nocciola

    As their name suggests, they have a well-rounded, gentle flavor, like the hills in which they grow.

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  • Cioccolato

    Antica Gelateria del Corso® by incorporating the milk chocolate by Perugina®, have taken the pleasure of tasting ice cream to the next level.

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  • Caffé Arabica e Robusta

    The best Arabica and Robusta coffee blends to make a coffee gelato with strength, spirit and aroma.

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  • Cocco

    Be tempted by the exotic and unmistakable taste of coconut, in an ice cream offering unique freshness, sweetness and creaminess.

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  • Yogurt ai Frutti di Bosco

    When the sweet and wild flavour of forest fruits meets the creaminess of low-fat yoghurt ice cream it makes for a dessert that melts delicately on the palate.

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  • Cioccolato Bianco

    White chocolate is the ideal ingredient for an ice cream that pleases all palates, made by Antica Gelateria del Corso® with prime quality milk and cocoa butter.

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  • Yogurt

    Light, refreshing, not too sweet. These are the secrets of Yogurt ice cream made by Antica Gelateria del Corso® with fresh and genuine ingredients.

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Le Specialità

Rich in flavor and skillfully produced by choosing only the best ingredients. The Antica Gelateria del Corso® specialities are perfect for those who want to enliven their whole day with a unique, not to mention delicious experience.

  • Tiramisù al Mascarpone

    Tiramisù al Mascarpone, the only ice cream capable of bringing together the tradition and taste of entire generations of premium Italian ice cream makers.

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  • Stracciatella

    Sumptuous flakes of Ecuadorian Arriba chocolate for a Stracciatella of the very highest quality.

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  • Spagnola

    All the colours of the Spanish flag in Spagnola, a creamy vanilla ice cream with sour cherry rippling made irresistible by its rich cherry filling.

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  • Caramello Salato

    An innovative savory caramel flavor and caramelized nib sugar make this vanilla ice cream irresistible to the palate.

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  • Biscotto

    A flavorsome chocolate biscuit mix inside a creamy yellow vanilla ice cream with a delicious rippling of cocoa syrup.

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  • Gran Malaga

    Delicately balancing the sweetness of the other tastes, raisins are the special ingredient in Gran Malaga, a flavour with a retro allure for true connoisseurs.

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I Sorbetti

One of the favorite desserts at the end of a meal becomes an inimitable taste experience thanks to the mastery and skillfulness of Antica Gelateria del Corso®, which selects the best fruit to create unique sorbets with authentic flavor and exquisite texture.

  • Limone di Sicilia

    Lemons are Sicily’s aesthetic manifesto and Antica Gelateria del Corso® choose them to create its sorbet. 

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  • Fragola

    Antica Gelateria del Corso® puts passion into its Sorbetto alla Fragola: thirst-quenching, light and vegan-friendly too.

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  • Mango

    The mango’s incredible sweetness and rounded flavour make it the perfect fruit for a 100% vegetarian sorbet that’s both exotic and refreshing.

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  • Fondente Extra 70%

    Antica Gelateria del Corso® uses Perugina® 70% Extra Dark Chocolate, with UTZ cocoa, to make a light and refreshing vegan sorbet.

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  • Frutti di Bosco

    Wild-tasting, pleasingly juicy and intensely fragrant: forest fruits are ideal ingredients for a light sorbet that’s 100% vegetarian and suitable for even the most demanding palates.

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  • Melone

    The sweetness and extreme freshness of melon make it a highly prized ingredient for a refreshing and 100% vegetarian sorbet.

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  • Ananas

    The taste of pineapple, an irresistible mix of sweet and spicy, is ideal for a light and thirst-quenching sorbet that can delight the palate in every season.

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