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Our History

The history of Antica Gelateria del Corso®: A tradition made out of passion and attention to details. This is how a small local gelato shop located in the center of Parma, Italy has grown over the years to become well known everywhere for its characteristic novelties and inimitable quality.

It all started in Parma

It was early in the 20th century when, in Parma, Italy, gelato history was being made. A history made of hard work, passion, and love for premium quality ingredients.

The Café in Piazza Garibaldi

It all began in an elegant café in Piazza Garibaldi, Parma, where the people of this bustling town would meet up for a chat and to taste the delicious ice cream it was known for, all the while being serenaded by the soothing sound of a small orchestra playing nearby.

The recipe

Back then, each flavor was comprised of a symphony of emotions and feelings, and the secret note was the ‘mantecazione’ or soft-creaming process: the gelato would be skillfully mixed with slow and regular movements. A true art that only the gelato making master, like an artist, used to know and keep in his laboratory.

The Tradition continues

The small shop soon became a small factory, but the method certainly did not change: we still select top-quality ingredients and strictly follow the Italian gelato making tradition, guided by passion and attention to detail.

Today as in the past

The same tradition of that small café in the heart of Parma can still found today in the authentic flavor and unique creaminess of Antica Gelateria del Corso® gelato. The indulgent taste of gelato paired with rewarding experiences to feel and share.


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